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So, what is the Social Selling Accelerator?


It's a 12-month membership program that gives you weekly training, 1:1 coaching to give you the leads, clients and the freedom in your business by leveraging LinkedIn.

You’re a coach, consultant, freelancer, expert, or solopreneur selling high-ticket services. You’re stuck in the cycle of relying on referrals, uncomfortable with pushy sales tactics, and overwhelmed by the inconsistent results of social media marketing.

You know you need a systematic approach to attract leads and convert them into clients, but the path to freedom seems clouded by guesswork and inefficiency.

The feast-or-famine cycle of clients isn’t just draining; it’s a threat to the business you’re passionate about. Without a clear process, you'll be forever asking, where the next client is coming from.


Eliminate the guesswork and WIN new business on LinkedIn.

Who it's for?


The Accelerator: Not Just Any Program

It’s clear - the Accelerator isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. We’re about precision, not just participation. Joining our ranks comes with a promise: if we’re not utterly convinced you’ll carve out real, tangible opportunities on LinkedIn, we won’t lead you on.

Who It's For?

  • You’re a Coach, Consultant, or Solopreneur: You’ve got the skills and the know-how. Now, you’re ready to scale up and stand out on LinkedIn.

  • You want to nail LinkedIn: You're not just there for the connections; you’re after the kind of results that shift the needle for your business.

  • You want to sell high-ticket: You've got an offer that packs value. Now, you want to build it, scale it, and see it flourish.

  • You want to build something successful: You get that overnight success is a myth. You’re in it for the long haul, ready to put in the work.

  • More Clients, Less Time Selling: Your goal? To grow, to speed up, and to spend fewer hours in the sales grind.

It matters to us that you’re on board, buzzing with excitement, and strapped in for the ride.

Our Part? Handing over the keys – the knowledge, the tools, and the step-by-steps to turn your LinkedIn into a lead-generating powerhouse.


The Accelerator makes lead generation feel easy. By leveraging expertise instead of relying on marketing fads and sales gimmicks, you will generate leads that want what you sell and are prepared to pay for it.


On the Accelerator, our members aren’t distracted by vanity metrics, they want clients. We built this programme to deliver an easy-to-follow and effective way to win new business, without any sales experience.


You didn’t build your business to spend hours sat on social media. You did it for flexibility and freedom in your life. The program gives you more time, more leads and the freedom to chose who you work with.

What will 'The Accelerator' teach me?

Our program goes beyond the superficial diving deep into the art of leveraging your expertise to secure new business in the online world. Think of LinkedIn and email not as mere platforms, but as conduits to a broader strategy.


Through the Accelerator Program, you will achieve:



➲ A Reliable Influx of Leads: Secure a consistent, monthly flow of leads, transforming the way you attract business.

➲ Relationship Building at Scale: Harness the power of engaging content to cultivate meaningful relationships across your network.

➲ A Robust, Engaged Email List: Develop an email list that’s not just numbers, but a community of engaged, potential clients.

➲ Actionable Daily Strategies: Gain clarity on the daily actions that contribute to your overarching goals, eliminating the guesswork.

➲ A Thriving Sales Pipeline: Elevate your sales pipeline from sporadic to steadily thriving, ensuring a more predictable flow of opportunities.

➲ Position Yourself as an Authority: Cement your status as a leader and expert in your field, empowering you to speak and act with authority.

➲ Simplify Sales and Marketing: Streamline your sales and marketing efforts with strategies that remove complexity and uncertainty.

➲ Expand Your Audience: Grow and nurture your audience, converting followers into loyal, paying clients.

➲ Efficient and Effective Selling: Enhance your ability to sell more, sell faster, and sell with greater efficacy.

➲ Business Transformation: Redefine and revolutionize your approach to doing business for lasting success.

Our Commitment to You: It’s about guiding you to not only understand but to master the strategies that build a following, nurture relationships, and convert them into paying clients. This program is designed for those who are serious about scaling their business and leveraging their age and wisdom in the marketplace.

What's included?


This isn't cookie cutter training and you aren't sat Infront of mind numbing video training all day either.

Each member will go through an initial onboarding process to ensure they understand the specific route to revenue.

This will be different for each member.


Here is what's included in the programme:


  1. Personalised, On-Demand Support: Receive expert guidance every step of the way from our dedicated team, available to answer questions, provide tailored advice, and offer feedback when you need it most.

  2. A Commitment to Real Growth Over Time: Benefit from a year-long program designed to allow you to implement, test, and refine your strategies with our support, ensuring sustained growth and adaptability to evolving business needs.

  3. A Community of Like-Minded Professionals: Join a vibrant community of peers who share insights, successes, and moral support throughout your journey, enriching your experience and providing valuable networking opportunities.

  4. Beyond Theoretical Knowledge to Practical Application: Embrace a hands-on approach with live sessions, interactive Q&As, and actionable assignments, enabling you to apply your newfound knowledge directly to real-world scenarios under our guidance.

  5. Tailored to High-Ticket Service Providers: Benefit from a meticulously crafted program specifically designed for coaches, consultants, freelancers, experts, and solopreneurs selling high-ticket services, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in your market.

Experience the Social Selling Accelerator:

Our program offers a comprehensive, supported, and community-oriented experience tailored to your needs as a high-ticket service provider. Elevate your social selling game and achieve the business freedom you've been seeking with confidence, equipped with the tools and network necessary for real transformation.


Meet the trainers

Meet the dedicated individuals who bring passion, expertise, and guidance to our training programs. Discover the driving forces behind your journey to sales and marketing success, ready to empower you every step of the way.

Dean Seddon


Dean Seddon is a dynamic speaker and seasoned sales expert with over two decades of experience in sales and marketing. As the founder of MAVERRIK, Europe’s premier social selling training company, Dean has empowered countless sales teams, senior executives, and solopreneurs to excel past their sales targets and revenue goals.

Hayley Matthews

Programme Manager at MAVERRIK

Hayley is Maverrik's dedicated Programme Manager. With her expertise and commitment, she plays a pivotal role in supporting our Accelerator members, guiding them through every step from profile optimisation to conversion strategies. Known as the go-to person for support, Hayley consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that our members receive exceptional training and assistance tailored to their needs.

Dave Falkner

Growth Development Director at MAVERRIK

Dave brings nine years of dynamic experience in sales and marketing to his role as a key member of Maverrik's team. With a passion for empowering solopreneurs, senior executives, and sales teams, he specialises in online sales and marketing strategies.

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